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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors - 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor


White Coat Hypertension

Often a doctor will use a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Also known as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring this is especially useful when the patient suffers from white coat hypertension.

It is helpful in several respects:

  • In deciding if there are surges in pressure in the morning.
  • It is also used a lot for people suffering from severe hypertension, especially older people. This gives Doctors an early warning should further blood pressure complications develop. 
  • Use of this apparatus also helps the doctor to see how well prescribed medicines are working or not working as the case may be.

Small Blood pressure Monitors

These types of automatic blood pressure monitors, or ambulatory blood pressure monitors as they are more commonly known, are smaller than most and are attached to the arm for 24 hours or as long as the doctor wants to monitor it. It records the blood pressure at regular intervals of 15 or 30 minutes during the day and gives the doctor a comprehensive record the ups and downs of your heart throughout the day.

Costly But Provide Reassurance

Unfortunately these monitors are fairly expensive but compared to the cost of not knowing whats going on with your heart it has to be worth it. The quality of the results obtained from patients on 24 hour monitoring is so much better than those just based on isolated or infrequent readings. If you look around you may be lucky enough to find special offers.

Monitoring Your Blood Pressure Is Vital For Continued Good Health

Unlike gaining weight and your clothes become tight or no longer fit you a similar increase in your blood pressure is likely to go completely unnoticed unless you take active steps to monitor it.

Having it checked only when you visit your doctor may not be enough. Most people don't visit their doctors all that often and almost certainly not often enough to pick up any increase quickly enough.

Whilst using a 24 hour blood pressure monitor may be overkill for the majority of people having your own home blood pressure monitor makes a lot of sense.

Most people have scales at home so they can track their weight even though you can actually see when you have put weight on. Surely then it is only commonsense to track your blood pressure where increases cannot be seen or felt!